Monday, July 7, 2008

My Love, Robots and a Mattress factory

My lovely boyfriend, a talented mechanically-oriented, sweet, creative, stubborn soul has gotten himself into a glorious show at The Mattress Factory. The Mattress factory is a world renowned Installation Art museum that is completely kickass. To be honest, I usually am not impressed with art anymore, gallery art anyway, and the Mattress Factory always impresses me with their shows.

Adam's piece is crazy, whimsical and tells stories. Plus, it's a robot. You should come see it!
Other pieces are rumored to include night vision goggles, embroidery and a space vaccuum. It's gonna be cool!

So, check out this link

Meet The Made
for more info. Lots of other Robot happenings to celebrate Pittsburgh's 250th Anniversary. Umm...don't ask me how it all relates, but the city's PR team thinks it does AND the Art will be cool.

- The opening is July 11!

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