Monday, May 25, 2009

May Featured Artist #1- Atticus Adams

Atticus Adams, Rise Nagin and myself were invited to create site specific art installations at the Gestures 12 show at the Mattress Factory- how cool!
So, the May Featured Artists are my fellow textile artists in the Gestures 12 show.

First, is Atticus Adams:

What are the main materials and techniques you used in creating your art installation at the MF?
I used coated and uncoated aluminum mesh along with monofilament, wire, grommets, and rubber. To make the forms I use a combination of unweaving, folding, twisting, pressing, and sewing.

What was the inspiration for using these materials and techniques?

I love the inherent beauty in these simple materials and that they allow me to create light and etherial work.

What is an upcoming project you are working on?
I'm working on a solo show titled "My Walden" for the Society of Contemporary Craft that will be exhibited next year.

What is one artistic endeavor (exhibition, techniques to learn, etc...) that you would like to accomplish and have not yet?
I would like to do some installations in an exterior environment - something very large!

Where can people find out more about you?
My website at

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