Monday, November 10, 2008

East Otto: A Fiber Art Sculpture

I remember sitting in the back seat of my parents truck in the afternoon. I had moved away suddenly a year or two before and we had not spent much time together since. It was sunny, I read a magazine in the back and relaxed. We traveled to where my dad had grown up- East Otto, NY. We picked flowers on the side of the road, there was milkweed pods and cat tails near the ditch. My dad was happy and smiling. We all were.

This sculpture was created using this moment as inspiration. The bottle is an antique bottle my mom and I found that day nearby. The wire is crocheted, knitted and knotted in fine silver, gold-filled or gold plated. My lovely friend, Tara, found the lamp and it was perfect to highlight the semi-hidden knitted gold beads inside and to make the soft drama I wanted to create.

This is a precious piece for me and my family. I thought I would share.

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kim* said...

very cool images.