Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning Your Etsy Shop

I just wrote an article about how to spring clean your etsy shop.
Here's a snippet:

1)Analyze your shop. Do you have items that are only going to attract attention during winter months? Delete them, or discount them. However, if you ship internationally, consider focusing a part of your marketing budget on renewing or advertising for those in the Southern Hemisphere where Autumn and Winter is just starting.

2)Create images with a consistent look. Look around your shop- are all your photos really different? Consider taking some new photographs with the same colorful background, or outside with some spring flowers. People will think you have new items which is always exciting!

Check out my Amtextiles shop to see how it looks! I like it so much better now!

Want to read the full article? Go to How to Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop.

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