Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Featured on The Sampler!

About a month ago, I was thinking to myself "Man, I am need some new ways to market my work". So, I looked around and found The Sampler. The Sampler is awesome and is one of the best ideas I have seen lately. Basically, The Sampler staff collect samples from independent artisan crafters and compile them into cute, send-able packages to buyers AND media. Seemed like a good idea to get the word out a little more on my work and to get some more creative juices flowing ( I work best with deadlines and panic around the edges).

Well, I looked on the website today and found that my fabric and paper collage pockets were being featured on the front page! Check it out at this link:


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Anonymous said...

Rock on! Congrats! I had never heard of the sampler until I read this. It sounds great!