Friday, July 24, 2009

Business Planning for Artists- the Daily Worth

Last year, as we were looking into buying a house, I researched how to clean up my credit. It took a little bit of time, but so very worth it! Had I known about the Daily Worth I would have started working on this even earlier.

If you are a crafter, artisan, self-employed, a nine-to fiver, or just have some questions about personal finance, this is a great blog and email series to read! If you sign up for the Daily Worth emails you will receive short and sweet email messages about various financial topics like: Budgeting, cutting your credit card debt and being efficient and making more money this blog has something that everyone can learn. As their website says:

" DailyWorth is a
free daily personal finance
email for women. We deliver
practical tips, empowering ideas
and the occasional kick in the pants."

This is geared towards the ladies, though everyone can learn invaluable advice. I highly recommend it!

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