Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strategic Planning for artists

It's summertime and not only does that mean I am busy making wonderful new things to unveil in fall, it also means I have been creating my yearly strategic plan. Yep, an artist who thinks strategically is not a person to mess with :)

Every morning before I start working I create a new visual journal entry inspired by business plans, strategic and creative businesses practices...basically, things I never thought would be pertinent to me, but now I find fascinating.

The picture is of an entry based on how I envision myself and my creative business to be at its best, along with what I am already good at. Things like "Outline Brain is Fun", "I can Focus" and "If I could pick my skin colors, I would pick the colors of sunset" help me sort out what is important to concentrate on and what is not.

One of the main strategic goals I have right now is to improve my blog entries by planning ahead and writing regularly along with cleaning up my Textile Arts newsletter email list. In this theme, here is a link to sign up for my e-newsletter. Either sign up for a Bi-monthly newsletter with exclusive product updates and coupons, or sign up for the monthly newsletter with in depth featured artist interviews, plus textile art news, reviews and special deals in my online shops.

By the way, I am using the book "The Creative Entrepreneur" as my guide in this process. I really recommend it to those looking for some structure in their creative business.

Happy Creating!


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