Monday, July 6, 2009

Our backyard

We bought this house last year. Both Adam and I have owned other houses, but this is the first we picked out together (awwww....). Anyway, we love being outdoors. We love the convenience and diversity of living in a city. As we found out, it can be hard to find a place in the city that has outdoor space.

Well, we found it! I have posted pics of the fabulous sunsets we get up here already. This summer we are working on making our backyard into the relaxing space that we have always wanted (so we can enjoy those sunsets). currently, we are building a garage and we already built a fence. Of course, since we are quirky, the fence has bird house turrets with hand-dyed dowel rod perches and a photo opportunity straight from the circus fun house!

Here are some pics of friends that poked their head through our gate only to find me taking their pictures. Adam painted the "Anonymous Rebel Leader" and I painted the "Lil' Goldilocks". Can't help but have a little fun with what's around us.

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Valerie A. Heck said...

That fence is hilarious! I love it.