Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inspiration Wednesday- New Jewelry Class!

As a birthday present from my mom (thanks mom!!) I am attending a great beginning jewelry making class this July. I love that I get to saw metal, solder silver, rivet rings and all sorts if crazy cool things that I have always wanted to do!

Here are some pictures of what I made during the first class. A copper pendant that I sawed, filed, sanded and drilled. I used a newly blossomed tiger lily from my garden as inspiration for the lines of the piece. I plan on doing a little bit more with it during the next class. Maybe round the "petals" a bit more? We'll see....

As I left class, I saw a beautiful sunset with the downtown skyline as a backdrop. Here's the pendant "squishing" one of the skyscrapers in downtown Pittsburgh...

What's your inspiration this Wednesday? Leave a comment about it!

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