Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fabric Scrap Insulation?

My love and I are trying to buy a new home. In our price range we can get a nice fixer upper, or some land with nothing on it. After months of looking outside of the city, we realize we need a middle step home- some place in a safer neighborhood that has better insulation so we can be warm in winter (oh, the idea of that make me so happy!). A home that gives us more of what we need and puts us in a better position to find our dream home in the country.

Anyway, my point is that when I mentioned to my boyfriend that I am launching my 100% USED campaign, he thought that maybe my fabric scraps could be used as wall insulation! I have been doing some research and found this simple, but to the point article on eco-friendly insulation. Cotton fiber is on the list, though it is treated by borate to be mold resistant/insect resistant.

Hmmm....Seems like an interesting direction to go with some of my fabrics! Let me know if you have any resources about eco-friendly construction products (that aren't crazy expensive), or even if you know of somebody who is looking at selling or swapping their house in the country, or in Pittsburgh...Why not ask??

Thanks for reading!

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