Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little info about recycling

I remember recycling as a kid. One kind of plastic, glass and newspapers. That's it. Our small town made a little money by selling off the recycling they collected, taxes weren't raised as quickly and resources were not burned so fast. Now, there are many kinds of plastic to recycle, paperboard (thank goodness!), magazines and all the old staples. I would think we, as Americans and citizens of the worlds, could feel good about the impressive number of items we can recycle AND DO.

However, and there is always a however in this section of American lives, there is a down side. Read this well put together article in the Pittsburgh City Paper. Did you know that most of our recycled goods get shipped using diesel guzzling ships and planes to other countries? umm...Another part to the same problem right there. So, I don't butcher the article by trying to explain it in my words, read the article if you have a minute. It will probably convince you, as it did me, that the best solution is to use less and/or re-use what you already have and support others who do the same.


Gaida said...

Great idea to reuse & recyle. My son always laughs at me for everything I keep.... and he always asks "sure you can't use this for your craft mum!" of course very much tongue in cheek.

Catch up with you over at Women Bloggers. Always looking at new ideas to promote

Kelly said...

Great article...and informative. I didn't realize we were exporting recycled out on diesel guzzling ships, but it makes perfect sense.