Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Day Job

As with most creative types, I have to have a day job. However, unlike most creative people I know, I actually enjoy mine. Currently, I am the School, Outreach and Office Manager (oh, non-profits and the multi-level job descriptions) for Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society. Established over 30 years, ago Calliope promotes and enhances folk music by providing opportunities for local, national and international folk musicians to perform. The definition of folk music spans the genres of Irish traditional, Appalachian bluegrass, Old-Time and even Hip-Hop.

Ok, that is the spiel- what I really want to say is that this here day job gig helps me to expand and challenge other creative parts of myself. I am learning how to play the guitar, I am facing my fear of performing and microphones (slowly, baby steps) and I am learning how to excel as an arts administrator which really only helps me as an arts business owner.

If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area on Thursday- check out the Calliope Student Showcase at the Shadow Lounge near Whole Foods. Many of our most recent classes and several Calliope teachers are performing. I know I am going to dance!

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