Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roots of Hip Hop

Thought I would throw in a different topic today- Hip-Hop. Why not? At my day job, I am the administrative element and a creative element to a partnership of 2 seemingly disparate musical genres- Old-Time music and Hip- Hop. You know Old-Time music: got some banjo, maybe a fiddle and singer, throw in some wonderful and repetitive melodies and lyrics (for dancing!!) and that is a very basic overview of Old-Time. Well, Hip-Hop has some roots in there, let me tell you!

One day my friend I came up with the Roots of Hip Hop idea as a way to really get to where kids are RIGHT NOW. It is the only way to really teach anything- meet people where they really are.
As a fiber/textile artist, I will be experimenting with a graffiti art component that I know will overlap my own work. I can feel the thrill of new creativity coming!

So, meet the artists: Akil Esoon keyboardist of Formula 412 and Emily Pinkerton by going their myspace pages and websites and keep checking back for news on our exciting progress!

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